Digital wave and wave of independent professionals: they are unprecedented. Rise to these challenges with our expertise.

The digital wave is bringing about deep changes, calling for business and functional skills as well as a strong capacity for emotional intelligence.

To complement your skills and support the change needed for successful a transformation, ExpertPeople offers:

  • Experts with significant experience in your industry.
  • Consultants or interim managers who have held positions in leading consulting firms or in operational departments of CAC 40 or ETI companies
  • Individuals identified for their softskills such as situation management, resilience, self-motivation and emotional intelligence.

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Expand your skills and deepen your expertise. Benefit from management and strategy advice, CSR-ESG consultants, digital transition experts, or independent HR consultants only when you need them.

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ExpertPeople, builds on-demand teams to meet your complex needs. Comprised of qualified freelance experts and consultants, these teams can be managed by one of our Client Partners who assesses, builds, and oversees your team throughout the project.

Hire an interim manager

Is your company changing and facing new challenges? Our interim managers can help. Mobilized on-demand, immediately operational, their know-how is the result of years of experience in CAC 40 and Top Fortune 500 companies.




Focus on soft skills

Since its foundation, ExpertPeople has
assessed these essential skills according to 7
determining factors:

This completes the list of soft skills considered
major by the World Economic Forum and the

We are convinced that emotional skills play an essential role in a consultant’s, expert’s or interim manager’s ability to successfully complete an assignment.

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